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Elisa Pedroni

Hi Cornelio, I really hope you remember me, I'm Elisa Pedroni, the girl from Milan who you helped in 2015 by supporting me with an esoteric consultant who made me understand the values ​​of life, and that there is a remedy for everything!

Why am I talking about life values?
Because I was left and when I contacted the studio I wanted to commit suicide, I must say that they have been very close to me and helped me a lot. I had a really bad year, I had clung to fortune tellers who…. Never mind, they were just divers who manipulated my confused mind by telling me to bring back my lost love within a week, thus stealing a boatload of money from me and then disappearing.
Cornelius not! He wasn't like that, on the contrary…
I had lost faith in magic, too many illusions, Cornelio made me believe in all of this.

Today my life together, my satisfaction in smiling again, in having my boyfriend back by my side, in my life together, I owe only to Cornelio and all the operators who worked whole nights to bring Patrizio back to me again!
You put your soul into your work, I don't know how you do it, but you are truly angels descended to earth! If it hadn't been for Cornelio and the help offered by them, perhaps I wouldn't be here today to testify to their skill and HONESTY in working!
I owe my success to you, and everything about my life.

Thank you with all my heart..

Today my coexistence, my satisfaction in smiling again, in having my boyfriend back at my side, in my coexistence, I owe only to Cornelio...