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Deborah Malagisi

Hi, I'm Debora Malagisi, I'm writing from Naples and I want to tell you about my journey with the studio.

Way back in December 2013, after 16 years of marriage, my life began to change, because little by little things with my husband were getting worse and worse. I always went forward with the belief that everything could be resolved with time, but it wasn't like that! In fact, at the end of February 2014 the marriage ended because he asked me for a divorce.
I state that before knowing the studio I never contacted any fortuneteller or esotericist because I had always been quite skeptical about these things.

I had entered a dark period and I was also risking my job because of my depression which led me to stay in bed all the time. One afternoon a very dear friend of mine came and, talking about this and that, she told me about her experience with the studio. I immediately broke off the conversation because I didn't believe in these things and I was also afraid of spending money unnecessarily.
After a few days, however, thinking about everything that had been told to me, curious, I went to the site and saw many testimonials from souls who had turned to Mr. Cornelius and that they had succeeded in their intent.

OK I said to myself!
So I decided to send an email for advice. They contacted me in the evening via a call and so from there I explained my problem!
I had taken some time to think about whether it was really worth it or not. 6 days have passed since I had heard from the operator who then began to follow me throughout the ritual and even afterwards because we kept in touch. I rightly didn't see the immediate results, because in any case my current husband was already dating another woman etc etc.

Approximately 2 and a half months passed and something was already moving.
I met him often (because of work we were forced to see each other) and he started greeting me, even asking how I was. Obviously every improvement I reported in the studio, because they guided me and gave me advice on how to behave.
After a few months through a mutual friend of ours (mine and my husband's) I learned that he was single again. I state that I had commissioned two rituals: a ligament and one to make him leave.

Weeks went by and everything the operator who followed me slowly came true! We were boys again, we had started dating again, going to the cinema and doing many other things that two boyfriends do on their first outings!!!
We are finally back together for all intents and purposes in October!

It was a long and tiring journey because things didn't always go well. There were also many ups and downs and periods of total despair, but in the end my money was well spent because, in addition to getting my husband back, I had moral support from the person who followed me.

I must say that I was really satisfied with the work done and for me they are the best ever!
Thank you so much!

Way back in December 2013, after 16 years of marriage, my life began to change, because little by little things with my husband were going...