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Terms and Conditions

Declaration of confidentiality/secrecy and rules of the professional relationship with the client:

With this deed we want to make users aware of basic and fundamental notions for those approaching esotericism and in particular for those who decide to contact us, as an accredited and serious study; we ourselves could not carry out our work serenely knowing that the customer is not aware of this information. The client will henceforth be understood as assisted as we deem that a better term.

This that we provide is a sort of protection for both of us ESOTERIC STUDY CORNELIUS than for our clients, but at the same time a list of warnings. Furthermore, we would like to underline that any esotericist or alleged esotericist NEVER provides similar guarantees to their clients and this proves the seriousness of our firm.

Going to the point, we would like to bring the following points to the attention of our clients:

  1. The client declares to be of age and in full possession of his physical and mental faculties and of being totally capable of understanding and wanting.
  2. Lo ESOTERIC STUDY CORNELIUS and the client undertake to keep all information shared in the professional relationship confidential and secret between the parties. The ESOTERIC STUDY CORNELIUS will do everything possible to keep the identity, information received, and purpose of the patient secret. Likewise, the patient will not divulge any information learned from him ESOTERIC STUDY CORNELIUS. Precisely because of the secrecy that it ESOTERIC STUDY CORNELIUS maintains, all the testimonies collected on the site which are written by the patients in the event of a positive result are always and only under a fictitious name and identification data precisely to protect their secrecy. Likewise, there are no authentic names of the Firm's clients on the site.
  3. Esotericism it is not an exact science and is not based on scientific assumptions that make a result certain, therefore it is ESOTERIC STUDY CORNELIUS does not and cannot guarantee the immediate and one hundred percent success of the rituals performed. This does not mean that seriousness and reliability are compromised, indeed it is a guarantee of professionalism!
  4. In Esotericism there are no guarantees that are not based on a voluntary act of faith in spiritual forces since Magic itself is an act of faith in the supernatural, like a religion, therefore the certainty of achieving the objective is also such. So as a religion the results yes
    they achieve by having faith, a certain, mystical and sincere faith that only with the help of a guide like the Cornelius magician it is possible to bring out. It is clear that we do not accept judgments or criticisms regarding the truth of such statements and this because it would be unreasonable and specious, a bit like trying to disprove the existence of his god to a minister of religion.
  5. To achieve the desired results it is essential to follow the advice step by step ESOTERIC STUDY CORNELIUS and this is because our firm absolutely does not want to disappoint its clients or even make them move away from the truth because we believe in what we do and we are the first to have faith and therefore knowing that we have failed is first of all our spiritual defeat.
  6. Another trick is not to lie to ESOTERIC STUDY CORNELIUS since this could seriously compromise the success of the ritual
  7. Lo ESOTERIC STUDY CORNELIUS it is also keen to underline that it is not in competition with any other studio of its kind, first of all because it is difficult to find one with the same potential and guarantees and also because it does not fear competition; However, it is desirable that the clients do not turn to other operators at the same time as us since this unfair behavior would cause
    breaking of the material and spiritual bond with the Cornelius magician, all to the absolute disadvantage of the ritual in progress.
  8. As an established studio, to be able to carry out the required rituals we need capital and these are provided to us by clients in quantities proportional to the work requested and via a quote that the interested party can freely accept. Let it be clear that what we do is simply request reimbursement for expenses for esoteric work and telephone counseling, and not to guarantee the success of the work. The client undertakes morally and legally to reimburse us for the amount agreed upon.
    Having specified these fundamental points, I SEC declines any responsibility deriving from failure to read and failure to comply with the aforementioned cornerstones. These listed are guarantees but at the same time warnings for users, who by accepting this document undertake to respect it.
    In the event that these conditions are not complied with or in the most serious circumstance in which the image of the firm is put at risk, the ESOTERIC STUDY CORNELIUS may decide to appeal to the competent judicial authorities for the full protection of their rights.