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Ligaments of St. Helena

This kind of ligaments, the ligaments of Sant Elena, are very widespread practices as they are known on the internet and therefore advertised by the various operators.
If an operator has shady agendas and wants to hide his incompetence behind something he sells as a "product" with a known name, rest assured he will.

As we have seen with the various oils and creams with alleged magical effects which obviously constituted a scam, the ligament of Sant Elena has a validity, but often falls within the sorcery and not magic. Sorcery sees the spiritual very mechanistically, while magic sees it (when practiced by a true practitioner) as a universe in constant motion.

“everything vibrates, nothing is at rest”


Therefore, since each ligament made by us is unique and is a "tailor-made" operation, resorting to standard prayers and rituals such as the ligaments of Saint Helena which instead do not include spiritual-psychological factors, relationships between spiritual influence and the subconscious human or the balancing of rite-spirit-mind emotions in the target (all things that we instead consider), makes these "ligaments" with famous names 99% bankruptcy.


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