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Protection ritual
(removal of negativity and evil spells)

Many people are affected by strong negativity if not downright evil.

Unlike what one might think, these do not arise univocally from someone who has cursed them with a ritual (very few operators would be capable of doing so) but also from envy, resentment felt by someone against them or even simply from a wrong attitude towards life and its laws and/or a wrong adjustment obtained over time.

These negativities can lead the person to self-destructive behaviors such as misbehaving and losing what could be the partner of their life. As if there is a hidden force in him that wants to hurt him.

Removing these forms of negativity is a very complex thing unknown by many operators who, as usual, are often just scammers. To really do it, you need to act on the person's soul and purify it from evil by removing its origin, which, like everything in magic, needs work and dedication.

The key to your success
it's already inside you