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About Us

Our Creed

About Us

Our Creed

We are based on Jewish Angelology and Demonology and a syncretic cult of the magical arts from all over the world based first of all on the writings of Hermes Trismegistus, the Kybalion and Jewish Kabbalah with influences from the Woodoo cult (voodoo or voudun) and the Macumba cult of Afro/South American countries.

The great religions talk about Magic as an extremely negative practice.

The Christian religion says that Magic is a Satanic practice.
Why do they do it?

To make man live in the most total spiritual absence by giving him a reason to behave in a (they say) moral way.

If man were free to wake up and by increasing his perceptions perceive a wonderful universe he would enjoy the spiritual dimension.

Instead, religions limit him by offering him something to blindly believe in, and we underline blindly, precisely because he has no experience of God that is not limited to superstitions.

MAgus Cornelius

True Magic

Our Magic, being true Magic, is compatible with any type of cult, since Magic does not interfere with religion, but is incompatible with those who choose blind faith in a religion and/or who believe what we do is wrong because they are clouded by falsehood of religions.

“A true Esoteric Worker must have two aspects, White Magic and Red Magic to his right and Black Magic to his left. To understand true Black Magic is to understand Magic. And the opposite High Entities (gods) and Low Entities (the prince, the demons and the Exus) are complementary to each other. Everything is dual; everything is polar: for everything there is its pair of opposites. As like and unlike are alike, opposites are identical in nature and differ only in degree. Thus the extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths and every paradox can be reconciled.”

-Magus Cornelius and kybalion quote 4th Hermetic principle

“Simplici enim mente et anima divinitatem colere eiusque facta venerari, agere etiam dei voluntati gratias, quae est bonitatis sole plenissima, haec est nulla animi inportuna curiositate violata philosophia.”

"To worship the deity with a simple mind and soul, to venerate his works, to give thanks to the will of God, which alone is full of goodness: this is the philosophy untainted by any importunate curiosity."

-Hermes Trismegistus (Asclepius, 14)

Who is God?

God is the unknowable creator of everything. But he is unknowable except in a fragmentation of him. The Egyptian religion called them Gods, Woodoo calls them Loà, Judaism calls them Sephirot.

Who are the angels and demons?

Lordships that correspond in our mind and soul (for the 2nd Hermetic principle) the former to our SuperEgo, the latter to our Unconscious. And from an external point of view, the first are the entities (which we call transcendent) who carry the code of values ​​of God, the Creator, his dictates. The latter punish us when we violate them.