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"There is no greater pain in life than losing the person you love..."

There is no greater joy in life than having someone you love next to you and who reciprocates your love. it is exhilarating, life takes on another color as if you have a warmth of joy in your soul.

But there is no greater pain in life than that of losing the person you love, it is as if the world collapsed on you and that person you loved shows itself changed towards you as if that love they had had disappeared into thin air, it is as if that person had died but perhaps even more painful.
I am almost always able to make her love you again as much and more than before by dominating her feelings and being able to transform hatred and anger into Love.

Most operators don't care about your pain, they don't care that you suffer but they only want your money, but I care because as a creature of God you have the right not to give up and not to suffer, my goal in life is precisely to help those who suffer. and together we can try to guide you to the most desired achievement, your happiness with the person you love."

-Magus Cornelius

"we will have to guide you on a path of understanding..."

“Obviously it is not always possible but from our statistics in almost all cases we manage to obtain a return.

But you must consider that you will probably have to make changes and we will have to guide you in a path of understanding and analysis of your situation as well as strong esoteric help.

Furthermore, as I explain well on my site, there are no rituals that work in a few days, otherwise people's fate would have changed continuously from True Magicians but in certain lucky cases and where the applicant has a heart full of love, even a few days are enough"

-Magus Cornelius

"...where the applicant has a heart full of love, even a few days are enough"

The Ligaments of Love or more commonly Rites of Love correspond to rituals with the aim of making the desired person fall in love with the person requesting the ritual.

They have the objective of conquering the heart and soul of a specific individual, causing a spark to strike in the desired person that will naturally lead him to fall in love, without him being able to realize in any way that a Magical Rite has been performed.

Il bond of love it is also effective for people who are experiencing a love story that is ending, or for partners who have already broken up, since the love bond has the aim of reactivating all those feelings that in the past had caused the spark to strike leading the couple to love each other as and much more than before.

The fundamental distinction on their effects depends on whether these are propitiatory love spells, i.e. aimed at bringing the subject of the rite together with a partner for life or whether they are real love spells aimed at binding a person specific.

What is love in the human mind, or rather in the basement of the mind and in the subconscious that even unknowingly guide all human behavior?

There are two categories of people we will call:

  1. Destroyers (who are the majority of people)
  2. Builders (who are the minority of people)

The Destroyers in the dungeons of their soul also unknowingly act in this way.
They unconsciously want to destroy the loved one, to possess him, to put him in mental subjection to INTROIT him (technical term) and then abandon him definitively without mercy to move on to a new hypothetical partner. To explain better: As long as the destroyer is "thirsty" for the beloved he drinks, when he stops being "thirsty", he stops drinking, abandoning him without scruples.

The builders, on the other hand, try to create a lasting story or in any case bind themselves to the partner and it becomes his emotional reference, which, however, if this is governed, we repeat: even unconsciously, (we are talking about the subterranean mind) by the principles of those we explained before destroyers, sooner or later he abandons it, transforming what was previously love into rejection. And condemning him to immense pain.

But with magic and especially black magic it is almost always possible to reverse these fates and have justice!

And make your loved one experience the most hellish pains until they are such that he is forced to return.

We perform different types of ligaments that aim for different results and that have a different cost. Each of these Ligaments is divided into many different types of rituals, which will then be determined according to the person after an esoteric analysis.

There is a great operational difference between ligaments in white or red magic and ligaments in black magic.
White and red magic are intended to enhance or create a feeling but not in an imposing way.

Black magic, on the other hand, has an impositional objective of forcing free will, since it is based on inflicting on the subject the same pain and the same abandonment that made the applicant feel or rather multiplying the same suffering by 10, 100,1000 times. Every imposition is made on pain and on a penalty.

As written in the section avoiding scams: Improvised ligaments made by fake operators have the opposite effect.

What type of Magic to choose for the desired Ligament (White Magic, or Red Magic, or Black Magic)?

Read the sections: White MagicRed MagicBlack magic

How do love ligaments work? (Guide)

How to choose the type of Ligament? Click here.


These Ligaments in the list are Basic or Advanced level works (in the cases of the Impositional and the Indissoluble) but only some of the many esoteric works that We can do to win back your Love and your Happiness.

Each of these ligaments is also suitable for love returns or for Bonds of love for three people
In certain cases, the Ligament can be combined with a Removal (Separation).

Also to see: Removals (rituals with the aim of breaking up people who are in a relationship or dating or to drive away one or more third parties).

Each of these rituals (which are basic level) can be upgraded (in particularly difficult cases).