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Introduction to Magic

A thousand pages would not be enough to explain this but we want to give you some summary information:

The magic we practice is based on hermetic writings dating back thousands of years ago but it is a syncretic cult (i.e. a union of cults of many peoples structured over the millennia)
Magic exists but there are no falsehoods that most of the other operators or pseudo operators say (better to say). First of all let's say that magic has no color but a distinction is made into two categories:

  • White Magic (i.e. non-compelling magic)
  • Black Magic (i.e. constricting/imposing magic)

Red Magic is not a separate category. But it is nothing more than an application of feelings of white magic or a less constraining application of black magic.

This distinction can be the origin of two reasons, one or the other can be understood:

  • of Goals
  • of Cult

The first is the traditional view in which white magic is that which has a positive objective to common morality, while black magic has a negative objective to common morality. All this regardless of the forces, spirits, energies, entities, lordships involved. So according to this view even if negative forces are used in the tradition such as demons (even if in reality they are not negative at all as explained in the section Our Creed) but the goal is positive then it is white magic. Because precisely according to this view in magic there are no negative entities, but those contrary to the purpose are negative.

The second, which is the vision that we adopt, sees white magic as a non-coercive type of cult and therefore with forces, spirits, energies and lordship entities that are predominantly considered positive. While black magic as a coercive/impositional cult.

Now let's distinguish the two main schools of thought of magic (we adopt them both since ours is a syncretic cult that is a union of cults):

  • Ceremonial Magic
  • Medium magic

The first is based on the use of ceremonies involving many materials as in Solomonic high black magic. In which the ceremonies are based on the concept of imitative magic or rather the 2nd principle of the Kybalion.

The second is based more on the relationship between the esoteric operator and the entities involved relying more on the principle of the intervention of the spirits.

These two techniques usually meet.

Having made these technical distinctions, we need to understand how magic works:
As we always say: All magic such as witchcraft, witchcraft, esotericism etc… are powers of the mind that are based on energy management and its manipulation.

Mainly in 3 stages:

  1. Accumulate Energy
  2. Manipulate (manage) Energy
  3. Channeling Energy

We can see how in psychoanalysis studies and therefore in the human mind a correspondence between mind and entity:

  • Angels are the SuperEgo
  • the Demons are the Unconscious

The former keep the code. The latter punish violations of it. How to study in psychoanalysis the relationship between the SuperEgo and the Unconscious.

In addition to the powers of the mind there are entities which, however, also exist on a mental level as we were saying since according to the 2nd principle of the Kybalion what is inside us and also outside of us.
These Entities are mainly of 6 types:

Transcendent deities: Creators: Sephirot, Loà, God.
Archangelic Lordships
Immanent deities: Those who protect and enforce the laws of the creators: Astaroth, Azazel, Beelzebub, Enki (Satan).
Archdemonic lordships

You must consider that for the 4th hermetic principle of the Kybalion (The Principle of Polarity) all lordships and deities have a positive aspect and a negative aspect and it is not like in the cosmological vision of a simplified pantheon of the great religions which sees similarly to the Manichaeism positive entities on the one hand and negative entities on the other. But every entity or lordship as we call it has a negative and a positive aspect like two poles of a magnet. An Angelic Lordship (an Angel) has a positive and a negative aspect, and a Demonic Lordship has a negative and a positive aspect. There are no completely negative or completely positive entities in the universe therefore do not catalog white magic as good and black magic as evil and indeed be careful because a badly done evocation of even an Angel or an Archangel can bring you a curse, erroneously from what is believed .

Contact with these entities takes place through trance or rather states of hypno-self-induction. Which is achieved with years of meditation. We practice the Transcendental Meditation of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

These are the technical explanations, more information can be found in the Kybalion, but do not venture into magic without adequate preparation because you will get damage on all levels, especially the mental one as well as your goals, instead of benefits.

The key to your success
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