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Cornelius Esoteric Study


Cornelius Esoteric Study


“In this market, the world of magic, there are thousands of parasites, operators who promise results to take money and then give nothing. This is a very serious crime because the scam takes place on the client's pain and dreams. What I can advise you to find a real operator is to follow the section to avoid scams to the letter and to trust your instincts, taking into account the fact that anyone who guarantees you 100% results or therefore to have unlimited powers is definitely a scammer because otherwise he would be a world leader not a magician and in any case there is no one able to succeed 100%.
In fact, we do not tell you that we will succeed 100% but only that we will work according to all the trappings of magic learned in a spiritual journey made since I was 18-19 until now after 35 years to try to achieve your goal and make you make a path that leads you to happiness.”

Cornelius magician

The Magician Cornelius works against all charlatans. Any idiot these days can start a website claiming to be a magician when in reality they have no idea what magic is. Most of the "operators" on the internet are charlatans who make fun of people who suffer from sentimental problems, work problems, etc. And then I would like the reader to think about one thing even if he found an operator who is not among the 99,99% of charlatans and had real skills, why should he help him? just for money? So why not use his skills to get even more money without being a magician?
What the Magician Cornelius learned in his studies in Africa, and in Brazil is just the opposite. Magic is used to help those in need, it is a way, a choice, which requires sacrifices, a life to help others, a life like that of a true doctor, a life to relieve those who are suffering. Unfortunately even with all the effort it is not possible to guarantee 100% results (as the section on avoiding scams says) but no one can do it since it all depends on how the subject's mind reacts to the energies sent and on many other uncontrollable factors. Otherwise the magician Cornelius would be a god. But everything is done with the utmost commitment and with the utmost dedication to obtaining the result. The magician Cornelio has helped thousands of people (and they are not random numbers) to find peace and serenity again.

But let's go back to the basic concept: what is magic and what is a magician?

Magic is the art of trying to change events using energies and forces of the mind and of beings existing on another level of reality, the invisible one.

The Magician is the one who using true knowledge (the word magician from the Greek μάγος means wise) that is the one who manages to do this with his abilities.

How much this word has been and is abused by charlatans and hucksters!

In addition to the forces of the mind Magic involves other entities which are these entities?

In magic there are no positive or negative entities regardless, as improperly taught by the falsehoods of religions, but an entity is positive when it is in favor of the purpose, negative when it is against it. There are no absolutisms in Magic.

Why does commissioning magical rites from Maestro Cornelio involve an expense?

This is a very important question that hopefully the reader will understand. We answer with another question: can money buy everything?
It is probably easier for those who are rich to conquer or win back their loved one, because they can offer a life of luxury, well-being, travel, and riches of all kinds. So someone might think if I'm rich, and I love a woman or a man and I can't win her over with money, it's enough for me to summon the most famous operator in the world, offer him a lot of money and reach my goal; while if I'm poor I can't pay for this and I can't get my goals.
Absolutely false.
We are not like hired killers but like doctors or lawyers.
that first of all our Master, Cornelius, evaluates whether or not to accept a case for a matter of ethics.
After that it is unfortunately impossible to follow a case for free mainly for the payment of the materials (sometimes very rare and expensive) but the reimbursements we ask for are the lowest possible for the type of esoteric operation that is performed.

It is explained that the result is not guaranteed (as with any real operator) why pay for something that is not guaranteed?

First of all let's say that we have almost all successes in the cases followed.

But it is also worth saying:
Can a doctor guarantee the success of a cure?
Can a lawyer guarantee the victory of a lawsuit?
Can a notary guarantee compliance with a contract?
Can a private professor guarantee passing an exam?
Can an investigator guarantee the arrest of a wanted person?

No, but their fees are paid for the time spent trying to serve the client's interests.
Magic is the same as we also explain in the section on avoiding scams.
There is NO Magic that works 100%, because it depends on too many uncontrollable factors, like a medical cure depends on it or a legal process or the other examples mentioned.
If this were not the case, Master Cornelius would be an omnipotent god.
Even if we have excellent success rates, even if we have never failed certain types of rituals, we cannot guarantee the success of a ritual because it would be illegal and a scam.
Magic is a valid attempt at resolution that is made by Maestro Cornelio and his collaborators with commitment and dedication to try to achieve the client's objectives and bring him to his happiness.

What do people usually do? (and it is also understandable), they look for an operator who can give them a guarantee of success or who plagiarises them by saying they can and succeed in everything, they pay him, with hundreds or thousands of euros, then this operator, like almost all the charlatans who are out and about, either he does absolutely nothing, or he does something that will never work like lighting a candle one evening, and when the customer hasn't gotten anything, this disappears if he can't scam him any more money (and even if the unfortunate customer denounces him, it's difficult get something).
it should also be considered that if a false operator tries to do something (which is already very rare) he only creates spiritual damage to the client which can be configured in bad luck, illness, problems at work, family, relationships, etc…

You will never find a better operator than the magician Cornelio, here you will find honesty and very high skills.
Any operator who tells you that you will get what you want 100% is cheating you, in such cases the scam is always there, and the "operator" who tells you that your goal will certainly be obtained will certainly have a dozen (at least) of complaints and since he will not be the owner of anything, you will never get your money back and you will not get anything. And in 99% of the cases these operators do absolutely nothing (we are very knowledgeable).
Less attractive but much better who is not scamming you and tells you that Magic is not an exact science but that it can bring excellent results if practiced by a true professional.


"If I were a future customer and I had tried and met the other operators I wouldn't even believe in magic anymore, if he trusts me I will really let him discover it"

-Magus Cornelius


What qualifications must a True Magician have? (Master Cornelius accomplished each of these things)

  1. First of all, he must have the innate gift of being able to become a True Magician, and the capacity for mediumship and sensitivity.
  2. After this must be realized in life, in fact an operator must have in-depth studies and personal success because he must be able to guide you to happiness and success as he did with himself.
  3. In addition to this he must have an esoteric preparation (unfortunately it is impossible to have a certificate certifying his ability in Magic because there is no one who can have the absolute authority to give it) obtained with a True Master, and an experience of applied Magic of years with numerous cases of success in physically unsolvable cases.
  4. In doing so he should have known at least some of the main magical cultures: Brazilian (North and South Brazil), African (Egypt and Togo), Mexican, European, Indian, Thai, Chinese, Tibetan.
  5. After this he must have a vocation to help and understand others calmly and kindly and the ability to understand others.