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Best Esoteric Operator
Cornelius magician

Master Cornelius, best esoteric operator, has been a professional of esotericism for 34 years, owner of his homonymous esoteric studio composed of a team of esoteric operators, has helped thousands of people fighting all forms of evil, reuniting separated partners, and restoring peace and serenity.

His life was a choice, a choice to help others using Magic.

He traveled the path of Magic from a young age under the guidance of 3 Masters, a European who initiated him into the Hermetic cults, a Brazilian who initiated him into Quimbanda and Machumba and an African who initiated him into Woodoo.

He traveled all over the world, and came into contact with Mexican, Indian and Tibetan cults.

He always used esotericism to help friends and people around him, becoming very famous through word of mouth, he started working for sports teams, companies and politicians, after this he decided to offer his help to all those who they needed it by having an online website drawn up using the largest communication tool, the internet.

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resides within yourself