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Cornelius Esoteric Study

Avoid scams

Cornelius Esoteric Study

Avoid scams

Follow these points to choose a true operator, in Mago Cornelio you will find full compliance with the following points. Take the time to read all of these points, they are for your protection.

1 | Be wary of those operators who guarantee 100% results, giving you security as if it were a legally valid guarantee since no operator can do it.

Any guarantee is based on a voluntary act of faith on the part of the assisted such as the guarantee of divine help from a religious. There are no guarantees in esotericism which are not based on a voluntary act of faith in spiritual forces. It is not possible to give a guarantee of success that is valid by law. Since esotericism is not a science.
Esotericism is not scientifically demonstrable so it is based on voluntary faith in the supernatural and not being scientifically demonstrable it is certainly not infallible but in our opinion it can give excellent results if operated by a TRUE Professional.

1.2 | Be wary of those operators who promise you to obtain the result in a short time such as a few days or less than at least a month, even if sometimes a few days are enough for us to achieve the result, no one can be sure of succeeding in such a short time since each ritual has its technical time.

Note on points 1 and 2: If there were someone in the world capable of succeeding in every case, always 100% and/or in a short time, we would live in an imaginative, utopian world in which the reins of the world would be in the hands of magicians. And in any case whoever had these abilities (which is absurd) would not be a magician but would be a world leader.
Magic exists and often works if celebrated by a true professional but what can only remain in the world of imagination does not exist.

2 | Be wary of those operators who talk about compensation for the result obtained, as they will then ask you for the costs for the materials (including their fee) in such a way that if the ritual doesn't work they will tell you that you only paid for the materials, if instead it works they will ask you for more money. The reward for the result obtained is just a sneaky way to get paid twice.

3 | Be wary of those operators who talk about Love Ligaments or other rites saying that they have their complete effect in a few days or a week. Each ritual has specific times and there are no rituals that give their complete effect in such a short time.

4 | Be wary of those operators who say they operate from distant lands, because they do so to guarantee you results and then escape Italian justice when you don't get them.

5 | Be wary of those operators who you suspect have copied this site or have been "inspired" by it. Anyone who does such an action is a thief and can only defraud you. We have staff to find violators of our copyrights and prosecute them legally.

6 | Be wary of those operators who offer you to buy love potions, ointments, to make the person you want to fall in love with or touch them to drink (very often telling you that it is 100% safe). Where's the scam? Making a person drink or take a substance of any kind (even without scientific or medical value) without letting them know that they are drinking it constitutes a criminal offense therefore you will never be able to accuse the person who sold it to you without confessing to a crime.
And even if it weren't a criminal offense (which is absurd) how would you prove to a judge that you have made someone drink a "potion" or have touched an ointment with an ointment to a person who is unaware of everything (and whom you hope remains unaware of everything)?

7 | Be wary of those operators who tell you not to have moral problems in contacting them to commission rituals with an immoral objective. Since an operator who behaves unethically can do nothing since the gifts that confer magical abilities are given by Deities and/or Demonic Lordships who have strong morals (unlike what one might think). Furthermore, an immoral operator who therefore does it for money, assuming absurdly that he has some ability, what interest does he have in helping you? Wouldn't it be more useful for his clearly immoral conduct to perform rituals against you to make you weaker and extract as much money from you as possible or rather to perform rituals that make you dependent on him?

8 | Be careful of improvised operators, poorly done rituals or often done on purpose to make you dependent on them, they can ruin your life and you will have to turn to a real operator to solve your problems with further expense.

8.1 | Be careful as DIY rituals can ruin the lives of you and your loved ones.

8.2 | We reproduce this text from the “Introduction to Magic” section:
You must consider that for the 4th hermetic principle of the Kybalion (The Principle of Polarity) all lordships and divinities have a positive aspect and a negative aspect and it is not like in the cosmological vision of a simplified pantheon of the great religions which sees in a similar way to Manichaeism positive entities on the one hand and negative entities on the other. But every entity or lordship as we call it has a negative and a positive aspect like two poles of a magnet. An Angelic Lordship (an Angel) has a positive and a negative aspect, and a Demonic Lordship a negative and a positive aspect. There are no completely negative or completely positive entities in the universe so don't classify white magic as good and black magic as evil and indeed be careful because a poorly done evocation of even an Angel or an Archangel can bring you a curse, mistakenly from what you believe .

9 | Be careful that many fake operators when you ask them for a ligament contact the other person and tell them what you want to do to them and tell them that you are crazy for them and ask them to get closer even by offering them part of the money they have received from you sometimes (in so that you think that the ritual works but instead you are being taken for crazy and for people who want to force his will on your loved one).

10 | Be careful that many fake operators call themselves specialized in love ligaments but they only say it because it is the most requested thing and they are completely incapable.

11 | Be wary of operators who put testimonials (in some cases hundreds) on their sites without indicating the name, surname and photo (or at least name and surname) of the customer who they say would have given them the testimony because if they don't provide the customer's data they are certainly false without a doubt. We only report testimonials that have been verified by a person external to the firm, Irene Mancini, and of whom, at least in most cases, we provide the name and surname of the witness unless otherwise requested for privacy.

12 | Be careful of some esoteric shops, they sell the most disparate things, such as rituals invented by them and without any esoteric foundation and/or objects of no value advertised as miraculous, often at exorbitant prices.

13 | Be wary of "esoteric operators" who claim, in order to avail themselves, that they are part of the register of esotericists, magicians, occult operators or that they have prestigious positions in these groups. There is NO official register of esoteric operators. The courses and seminars organized to train or unite esoteric operators have no recognized authority to do so, since anyone on the face of the earth could organize a course or a register, as there is NO established authority of esoteric operators nor an official register.

Have you been scammed by a fake and self-styled WIZARD?

Please contact the CORNELIO & Partners Law Firm of Nostra Propietà specialized in criminal and civil law who has successfully dealt with countless cases like yours with always excellent results, in collaboration with the media and with CICAP. Take back what is yours from those who played and exploited your love and your dreams. The consultation is free. The recovery of the defrauded amount and the moral damages as well as the punishment of the fraudster is very fast!