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Do you want to be the architect of your own destiny?


We are a Religious Church Recognized by the Italian Government called CHURCH OF CORNELIUS with over 10.000 proselytes.

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Esoteric Study

We are one esoteric study guided by Master Cornelio, and we perform magical rituals to help the patient. Our firm, thanks to Cornelio's immense experience, has the ability to solve almost all the problems in the life of every individual who turns to us.

Ours is not a commercial operation, we have had and still have many clients, but our interest is not of an economic nature but of helping those in real need.


True Magic applied to the ligaments of love

We came up with the term LIGAMENTS OF LOVE over 40 years ago which in fact is one of our Registered Trademarks recognized by the Italian National Ministry of Economic Development and the fight against counterfeiting.

To truly understand the True Magic that We operate, one must set aside and forget all the falsehoods read on the internet by incompetent people who pretend to be esoteric practitioners.


We are not the classic esoteric studio of charlatans and magic is not a market but esotericism is a spiritual work so we must approach it as we approach faith for a religion.

True Magic

What can be achieved with True Magic

Changing a person's feelings and sensations and having control over them.
This results in transforming his feelings, for example distrust into trust, hatred into love, anger into calm, pain into well-being, resentment into affection, etc. (or viceversa).
And therefore it is possible to win back or conquer the loved one and have his loyalty (with esoteric operations called Ligaments of Love or love rites or love hexes).


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